The Mantle publishes emerging critics, writers, and intellectuals in the areas of Arts & Culture, International Affairs, Philosophy, and World Literature. We foster discourse with a global audience through critiques, essays, and interviews. We pay close attention to voices with limited exposure in their home countries and the English language, as well as individuals experiencing censorship. Our Roundtable debate series allows for deeper engagement on select issues, while our Publishing arm features emerging critical and literary talent in print and ebook form. 

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The Mantle welcomes your contribution. We accept simultaneous submissions and expect to be notified immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. The Mantle seeks original work; we do not cross-post material already published online. (We will consider material published in print.) Send your queries to the appropriate editor. 


We're looking for editors who can assist in publishing content for our Arts & Culture, Philosophy, and World Literature sections. For more information, contact Corrie Hulse

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