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Alison Kinney

"Paper Music: A Ciné Concert" is the latest musical-visual mash-up between South African composer and sound artist Philip Miller and his compatriot, the visual artist William Kentridge. In this wide-ranging discussion with Miller, Alison Kinney unearths the processes and politics underpinning his extraordinary work.

Laura Scheriau

After visiting his most recent exhibition, “A Digital Fauve,” Laura Scheriau met up with Sam Eugène, a young Canadian-British artist based in London, to talk about his views on art, his style, and why he digitizes his artwork.  

Shaun Randol


Laura Scheriau

Street art, more often than not, has a message greater than existing for art's sake. A political or social critique accompanies the graffiti, performance, intervention, and even the occasional yarn bomb. This is artivism - art as activism. Laura Scheriau muses on the phenomenon.

Alison Kinney

The transgressive films and performances of German artist Christoph Schlingensief approach the bleeding edge of decency. Were his efforts to raise awareness around his casus bellis effective in stimulating conversation, or did his message get lost in the delivery? Alison Kinney reviews Schlingensief's oeuvre and his response to one of his most prominent targets: Richard Wagner, a man whose characteras much as his musicprovoked the provocateur. 

Arie Amaya-Akkermans

“Our inheritance was left to us by no testament." – René Char

Thin Skin, installation views, courtesy Scott Rudd

Marina Iordan

Damascus, Syria has been part of the bourgeoning Middle Eastern art scene since the early 2000’s, when works by Syrian artists began to spread throughout western galleries and institutions. Three years ago, they reached a peak. Then, the uprising against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad broke out. Its rapid, life-threatening evolution has led to the disappearance of many galleries and studios, annihilating rising talents.

Tom Kwei

Regarded by Sir Norman Rosenthal as, ‘the Oscar of the British painting world’, the John Moores Painting Prize has been held in Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery since 1957.

Lisa McKeown

The American television program Californication centers on the character Hank Moody, a novelist-turned-scriptwriter making a living in the sinful Hollywood landscape. He's also a slut. But Hank's promiscuity shouldn't be construed as being misogynist. Instead, Lisa McKeown suggests that if you look a little closer, you'll see someone who can teach us about sexual creepiness, respect for the opposite sex, and what it means to live in a rape culture. 

Luis Perez Garcia