Vicky Wong

Corrie Hulse

Sarah Ulicny

Writer's Notes is a series that invites writers to detail their projects at any stage in their process. Writer Sarah Ulicny talks about how fundraising contributed to the evolution of her tentatively titled novel, Alice Merkel v. Helen Keller.


James Tate Hill

Writer's Notes is a series that invites writers to detail their projects at any stage in their process. Debut author James Tate Hill explores his West Virginia roots and how place has influenced his past writing as well as his current novel.


Robert Duncan

Ester Bloom

At the beginning of Edan Lepucki’s engrossing debut novel California, we meet Cal and Frida, a self-sufficient and isolated married couple whose names, if smooshed together, approximate the title of the book. Coincidence? Doubtful. Very little in this carefully plotted apocalyptic story seems arbitrary.

Arie Amaya-Akkermans

“Our inheritance was left to us by no testament." – René Char

Thin Skin, installation views, courtesy Scott Rudd

Anam Khan

The Refugees by Honore Daumier (1849-50)

Marina Iordan

Damascus, Syria has been part of the bourgeoning Middle Eastern art scene since the early 2000’s, when works by Syrian artists began to spread throughout western galleries and institutions. Three years ago, they reached a peak. Then, the uprising against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad broke out. Its rapid, life-threatening evolution has led to the disappearance of many galleries and studios, annihilating rising talents.

Anthony Brent

The Most Wanted Man in the World: Catching up with Edward Snowden in Moscow.

The High Priest of Jazz: A 1964 profile of Thelonius Monk

The Trials of Phillip Halliday: The story of the cocaine smuggling fisherman.