Eric Anthamatten

After Mohammad Rasoulof made The White Meadows, he and fellow filmmaker Jafar Panahi were sentenced to six years in prison. The Iranian government also banned the pair from filmmaking for 20 years. What could make the ruling regime so angry? Eric Anthamatten reviews this revolutionary moral allegory and masterpiece of global cinema.

Michael J. Jordan

HONG KONG – Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo – while the man languishes in prison – has inflicted humiliation of epic proportion upon the thin-skinned Communist leadership in Beijing.

Michael J. Jordan

HONG KONG – The Chinese government is mighty successful at muzzling its media, threatening them with everything from censorship to arrest. Recognizing those talents, the watchdog Reporters Without Borders ranks China 168th out of 175 countries world-wide.

Michael J. Jordan

BRATISLAVA—Peter is a young Slovak journalist, just 21, and splits his time between writing for the financial-advice pages of a leading economic paper and finishing his university degree.

When I was a greenhorn reporter like him—in the inland deserts of Southern California—I, too, could be intimidated by an imperious, tough-talking official. So I wasn’t surprised to hear of Peter’s recent struggle to extract information from a spokesman for the Slovak social-insurance agency whom he says is “famous for answering by saying nothing.”

Shaun Randol

As I wrote in a piece for the World Policy Journal's blog, "2009 is an auspicious year: it marks the ninetieth anniversary of the student-led protests that led to the establishment of the communist movement, the fiftieth anniversary of the 1