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Ed Hancox

By now you’ve likely heard that there will be a run-off election in Afghanistan between the current President Hamid Karzai and his former Foreign Minister, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

Shaun Randol

An email from the PEN American Center on the plight of recently arrested Liu Xiaobo says, "Recently we learned that Liu is going to be tried on charges that could result in a 15-year prison term.

Shaun Randol

What might have been the outcome of the 1979 Iranian Revolution had it been seen on YouTube?

Just take a look at this clip from YouTube contributor houmank of recent demonstrations in the city of Shiraz, Iran. Notice how many video cameras and cell phones are out taking pictures and video! They are everywhere!




Shaun Randol

As I wrote in a piece for the World Policy Journal's blog, "2009 is an auspicious year: it marks the ninetieth anniversary of the student-led protests that led to the establishment of the communist movement, the fiftieth anniversary of the 1

Garic K. Lawrence

In his review of Susan Jacoby's The Age of American Unreason, Garic K. Lawrence claims American "unreason" is a fair assessment of the past, but the election of Barack Obama may portend a brighter future.

Shaun Randol

On May 21 Big Media and the Internet went bananas over the dueling rhetoric of President Barack Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney. Nevermind the nuances of their respective arguments on whether or not (or how) to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and keep our country safe from terrorists, news and information outlets were more interested in the heavy weight fight theme than anything.

Shaun Randol