Shaun Randol

[continued from Part 2] Despite the many good things in politics and society accomplished by the Sandinistas, one cannot claim that Nicaragua is a paragon of democracy and modernity—far from it.

Emily Cody

Originally scheduled to take place on 28 November, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)’s legislative and executive elections bled into the 30th following logistical issues in delivering ballots, widespread irregularities, and long lines on the first day of polling.

Ed Hancox

Imagine for a moment a country a few days away from national elections, a place where the once all-powerful ruling party is fading in the eyes of the citizens, thanks to an economy burdened by low wages and rising unemployment, where even the prime minister – who has carefully cultivated an image equal parts action hero and everyman – is looking increasingly small; it all seems like a recipe for an electoral drubbing.  But the country is Russia, and elections, like the one scheduled for this Sund

Chris Haddix

Two days shy of Occupy Wall Street's 60th day of protest, New York City authorities cleared Zuccotti Park—Liberty Square—in a surprise midnight raid. When the sun rose on the headquarters of the global Occupy Movement, the park had been swept clean of all evidence of a protest. Hundreds were arrested. Those who were not detained moved to another plaza and immediately continued the democratic spectacle. Chris Haddix writes on the aesthetics of this protest phenomenon.

Shaun Randol

A Call for Participation in the #OccupyWallStreet Movement*

Shaun Randol

At Occupy Wall Street's headquarters in Liberty Plaza , New York City, teach-ins happen daily over the People's Mic (an empowering, participatory spectacle, shown here). Lecture topics vary widely, including the prison-industrial complex, land grabs in Brazil, gender equality, philosophy, environmental issues, and lots and lots of economics.

Shaun Randol

On October 18, Reverend Billy Talen and the Church of Earthalujah (formerly the Church of Stop Shopping) paid yet another visit to Occupy Wall Street in New York City. In the video below, they entertain the crowd with a very catchy tune.

Jika González


After a month of occupations, protests and marches, Occupy Wall Street has gone national and global. On October 15th, events were held across 82 countries in unison outcry for social and economic justice. But as the Occupy Wall Street movement grows, it is imperative for it to continue to become more and more inclusive. The participation of minorities and marginalized groups is crucial for this movement to continue forward.

Shaun Randol

Sunday, October 16, 2011, was a spiritual day for me at Occupy Wall Street. I began the day at the famous Community Church of New York, where Unitarian Universalist minister Bruce Southworth delivered his sermon, "Excellence!" using the Occupy worldwide movements as as fulcrum. What's happening down at OWS, he said, is an explosion of morals. (That's a good thing!)

Shaun Randol

October 15 saw an explosion of sympathetic Occupy Wall Street marches and occupations in 1,500 cities around the world (and on all seven continents - see Occupy Antarctica here).