Laura Scheriau

The Mexican artist Salvador Diaz has gained international recognition with his three series: “Album de Familia,” “Diarios de Viaje y Desplazamiento,” and “Periodicos.” The world that he creates through this intelligent use of words and pictures is full of messages, some quite subtle and some very obvious, but more importantly, all true to his belief that art captures time.

Laura Scheriau

In this inaugural edition of The Beat, a series of interviews with musicians, I speak with Matt Wong, a 17-year-old virtuoso guitar player and teacher from New Jersey.

To get a sense of his character and musical tastes, I asked Matt to open his digital music library, shuffle the tunes, and tell me the first three songs that appear. The results:  “Jean Pierre” by Miles Davis, “What You Want,” from the musical Legally Blonde, and Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.”

And on that note...

Ariell Cacciola

World Literature Editor Ariell Cacciola speaks with German playwright Juliane Stadelmann,1 whose new play “Noch ein Lied vom Tod” is being staged at Schauspielhaus Wien in Austria.

William Pennington

Chris Haddix

Documentary filmmaker Nancy Kates has made a career out of rescuing for the future the lives and accomplishments of historically marginalized figures. Her latest film, however, takes as its subject one of the brightest stars of American literary culture: Susan Sontag. Chris Haddix talks with Nancy Kates about Regarding Susan Sontag.

Shaun Randol

Corrie Hulse

Alison Kinney

"Paper Music: A Ciné Concert" is the latest musical-visual mash-up between South African composer and sound artist Philip Miller and his compatriot, the visual artist William Kentridge. In this wide-ranging discussion with Miller, Alison Kinney unearths the processes and politics underpinning his extraordinary work.

Laura Scheriau

After visiting his most recent exhibition, “A Digital Fauve,” Laura Scheriau met up with Sam Eugène, a young Canadian-British artist based in London, to talk about his views on art, his style, and why he digitizes his artwork.  

Dan Hanrahan