Nina Zumel

Topping 700 pages, A Thousand Forests in One Acorn is a doorstop of an anthology with something for everyone. Showcasing 28 writers from Argentina to Honduras to Spain, the anthology is a veritable smorgasbord of literary talent. Nina Zumel reviews this multidimensional collection, which contains the expected (like magical realism) and several surprises, including Faulkner's ghost.

Ester Bloom

At the beginning of Edan Lepucki’s engrossing debut novel California, we meet Cal and Frida, a self-sufficient and isolated married couple whose names, if smooshed together, approximate the title of the book. Coincidence? Doubtful. Very little in this carefully plotted apocalyptic story seems arbitrary.

Téa Rokolj

Nearly two decades have passed since factions in Bosnia and Herzegovina put down their arms, and yet the embers of conflict between ethnic groups still burn. "What I do know, what is clear, is that in Bosnia and Herzegovina extremely bad people are in power," observes the writer Alma Lazarevska. In this penetrating, bilingual interview by Téa Rokolj, Lazarevska expounds on literature, inspiration, and life in post-war Sarajevo. [Bosanski/Hrvatski/Srpski jezik]

Phil Hanrahan

Writer's Notes is a series that invites writers to detail their projects at any stage in their process. In the inaugural post, author Phil Hanrahan examines the provenance and initial research for his tentatively titled book, A Couple, A Castle, A Dream, which takes him to Ballyvaughan, Ireland and the Burren College of Art.


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