M.C. Armstrong
Lorenzo Dávalos
Mallory Nezam

There is a quote commonly used within The Movement (as we call it) that reads, “They wanted to bury us.

Mabel Sieh
Bogna M Konior

Revolution doesn't happen in a day, but a great deal can happen in two weeks. The young activists in Hong Kong are teaching the world and their parents a lesson in democracy and what it means to speak truth to power. With protests continuing in the city and government officials stalling talks with protest leaders, many are beginning to wonder just how long this Umbrella Revolution will last.

Vicky Wong

Chris Haddix

Ed Hancox

Bruce Southworth

Student. Lawyer. Activist. Revolutionary. Freedom fighter (or was it terrorist?). Prisoner. President. World leader. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Family man. As Nelson Mandela nears the end of a very full life, Bruce Southworth offers this reflection on the man of history.  

World Policy Journal

by Natasha Yarotskaya

Russia by mind comprehended cannot be

Nor by wide arshins measured:

Its uniqueness be that—

In Russia is possible only but to believe.

(Tiutchev, I. 28 November, 1866, translation by Fr. S. Janos)