M.C. Armstrong
Lorenzo Dávalos
Mallory Nezam

There is a quote commonly used within The Movement (as we call it) that reads, “They wanted to bury us.

Mabel Sieh
Vicky Wong

Chris Haddix

Ed Hancox

Bruce Southworth

Student. Lawyer. Activist. Revolutionary. Freedom fighter (or was it terrorist?). Prisoner. President. World leader. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Family man. As Nelson Mandela nears the end of a very full life, Bruce Southworth offers this reflection on the man of history.  

Corrie Hulse

Yahia Lababidi

What is the role of the poet during times of crisis? Yahia Lababidi, an Egyptian poet living in the United States, claims the role of the poet is to provide a "vision." That is, the poet (and all artists) can provide more insight into events rather than just mere sight. Touching on Kierkegaard and Kafka, Darwish and Mattawa, Lababidi reflects on the Arab Spring and its visionary poetics.