Aria Chiodo

Aria Chiodo is an Associate Editor at The Mantle. You can email her at aria [at]

She hails from New Mexico but is now based in Astoria, New York. She writes personal essays, short stories, and travel essays, but her first love is cinema. 


January 25, 2018

A significant problem to me a few years ago was the idea of young women rejecting the term feminist. As the feminist daughter of a former NOW chapter president, this upset and confused me; I was afraid of the “post-feminist” direction our society seemed to be headed. I was not aware, however, that we had apparently entered a new wave of feminism sometime in 2013—whether this was a fourth or fifth wave is subject to much disagreement. I’m not going to attempt to clarify which “wave” we are currently in, but I have always considered “waves” to be synonymous with movements, and I do believe we are most definitely in a new movement.