Eskinder Nega

Eskinder Nega is a prominent Ethiopian journalist sentenced to 18 years in prison July 13, 2012 under the country’s Anti-Terrorism Proclamation of 2009. Just prior to his detention, Eskinder had published an online column critical of the use of the terrorism law to silence dissent and calling for the Ethiopian government to respect freedom of expression and end torture in the country’s prisons. He and 23 other journalists and opposition politicians were found guilty on terrorism charges June 27, 2012. Learn more here.


September 25, 2012

Imprisoned Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega shares this open letter he wrote to the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, which criticizes Zenawi's two decades of dictatorship. Though Zenawi died in August, one can read this letter as an alternative obituary on his rule and that of his rebel army-turned-ruling party: the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front. This essay is part of The Mantle's series Against Censorship.