Niki Singleton

Born in Vancouver, Canada to African and European parents, Niki Singleton is now based in Brooklyn after traveling and living abroad for 10 years. She has undertaken residencies in France, the Netherlands, New York, Brooklyn, and Connecticut, and has had solo and two-person exhibitions in 287 Spring Gallery (New York), the Holocaust Museum (Dallas), and Imagine Ic (Amsterdam). Her work has been shown in group exhibitions at venues including Friday Studio Gallery, Life on Mars Gallery, Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery, Studio 10, AIR gallery and Triangle Workshop in Brooklyn as well as White Box Gallery, the Bowery Poetry Club and the Nurture Art Benefit in New York. Niki holds an MFA from the New York Studio School. She is currently pumping out paintings, sculptures, and political comics in her studio in Brooklyn, NY. 

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June 22, 2015

What happens when our basic human right to give food to each other is hijacked and made illegal by authorities? Last month, a Texas chef, Joan Cheever - who has been giving to those in need for more than 10 years - was fined $2,000. Cheever will be fighting the fine in Municipal Court on June 23, by arguing that under the 1999 Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act, she has a right to serve food to the homeless because she considers it a free exercis

May 11, 2015

It was unfathomable to me that these global businesses, Amazon, Paypal, and Spotify, would be inadvertently funding white supremacists in 2015. The more I looked into current news around neo-Nazis the more I saw a string of articles that shows a rise in influence.

April 3, 2015

"Drone Trouble" is a reaction to news in January 2014 of a possible U.S. bombing campaign to fight ISIS in the terrorist group's takeover of Fallujah. After two of the worst bombing campaigns in history in 2004, where the fallout from American use of white phosphorus has caused grave birth defects in infants and a four-fold rise in cancer among the civilian population, the anger around more U.S.