International Affairs

M.C. Armstrong

Murder at Camp Delta 
by Joseph Hickman
Simon & Schuster (2015), 256 pp


Mabel Sieh
Emmanuel Iduma

Someone asks: Why did the world ignore the Baga massacre? Why was the Nigerian government swift to respond to the Charlie Hebbo attack and hesitant about Baga? The answer, which I share plaintively, is bracketed by a word, “numbness”—the numbness that comes from a repeated and stupefying devaluing of human life.

Christina Moreno

The question of whether Palestine has the right to join the International Criminal Court hinges on the definition of statehood.

Maria F. Loya

Editor's note: Maria F. Loya’s very personal and intimate account of Mexico’s social and political development was written in response to the violent activities of police forces against peaceful protesters in Mexico City in November 2014 and is translated from Spanish by Laura G. Scheriau, The Mantle’s Arts & Culture Editor.

Corrie Hulse

Corrie Hulse

(Photo: AP / Ron Edmonds)

I was clear throughout this campaign, and have been clear throughout this transition, that under my administration the United States does not torture. We will abide by the Geneva Conventions. That we will uphold our highest values and is important for us to do that not only because that’s who we are, but ultimately will make us safer.   - Barack Obama, January 9, 2009


Vicky Wong

Corrie Hulse

Carol-Ann Gleason

The African continent is home to the world's largest un-medicated population. No wonder, then, that Big Pharma is moving to increase its presence—and profits—beyond TB medication and anti-retrovirals. If pharmaceutical companies can apply the same successful consumerist models they've deployed in the U.S. and Europe, the windfall could be enormous. Carol-Ann Gleason reports on the serious implications of Big Pharma's neoliberal push into Africa.