Q&A on the November 2009 Political Massacre in the Philippines

This week, we are launching a joint project with the Global Voices Online's (GVO) Philippine page. GVO's Philippine blogger, Karlo Mikhail Mongaya, will invite his readers in the Philippines to comment in my blog on the implications of last November's political massacre in Maguindanao.  

All those who would like to respond to the questions below can do so in the comments section, providing your name or submitting an anonymous response. You can also email detailed responses to mgurtovnik(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you.

These questions can be viewed in context on GVO here.


1) How have the major political parties in the Philippines reacted to the investigation of the Ampatuans' involvement in the multiple murders committed in Maguindanao last November? 

2) In light of the approaching end of her presidency, is President Arroyo believed to be more or less likely to complete the investigation of this case and to sentence the Ampatuans if they are found guilty? Why?


3) What steps are currently being taken by the Philippine government to disarm the Ampatuan-sponsored militia that was allegedly involved in the murder?

4) What implications would the possible conviction of the Ampatuans likely have on the political dynamics in Maguindanao?  


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