Conflict and Resolution: A Moment with R. Brian Ferguson

Professor R. Brian Ferguson teaches anthropology at Rutgers University in Newark and is an anthropological generalist on the subjects of war with publications on tribal warfare, ethnic conflict, the archeology of violence, and war in ancient states. He is a critic of theories purporting to explain war as a result of evolved propensities to kill. Professor Ferguson also specializes in state-tribe interaction, contemporary "ethnic conflict," history of the New York Police, culture and biology, Amazonia, Puerto Rico, and organized crime in New York. He is founder and director of the Working Group on Political Violence, War, and Peace at the Center for Global Change and Governance at Rutgers University and has been awarded both the Scholar-Teacher Award (2002)and the Henry J. Browne Award for Excellence in Teaching from the University College, Rutgers (1992).

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Interview Date: April 14th, 2010

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J. K. Fowler is an adjunct professor in the sociology and anthropology department at Rutgers University Newark, the founding and managing editor of the nomadic sojourns creative collective based in Oakland, CA and Brooklyn, NY, a full-time editor, and a doctoral candidate at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.