Sahar Sarshar

Documentary Video (51:35): In April 2011, eight writers from around the world visited the United States for a tour unlike any other. Rather than taking in the usual historic sites, this international coterie glimpsed some of the ugliest moments in American history, from the Civil War to the aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina. Sahar Sarshar traveled with the group and captured the reactions of the writers. Here she shares her resulting documentary: Writing in Motion: A Nation Divided.

World Policy Journal

by Elizabeth Pond. Originally published by our partner site, World Policy Blog.

Ed Hancox

Recently two of my colleagues at The Mantle asked why the international community was not intervening in ongoing humanitarian crises in different parts of the world.

Ed Hancox

On Friday, former Senator Bob Dole took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to sound the alarm over Bosnia.  Without American intervention, Dole warns, Bosnia could again be torn apart by its own conflicting internal forces.