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Last month, during her first address to the Human Rights Council, Michelle Bachelet, the new leader of the United Nations council, called on China to allow in monitors after deeply disturbing allegations of large re-education camps where Uighurs would be detained in China’s western Xinjiang province.

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Chris Eberhardt (汪哲伟)

TACOMA - Last week I toured the new Bullitt Center that opened this year in Seattle, billed as the greenest commercial building in the world, one of twenty buildings in the world right now that seeks Living Building certification set down by the International Living Building Institute (

Chris Eberhardt (汪哲伟)

BEIJING - As I sat in my apartment, my lungs had this horrible feeling, and for maybe the first time living in Beijing I had a feeling of not wanting to go outside, not wanting to expose myself to any more of the air pollution. As I sat on the couch contemplating going to refill my water jugs, a 100 yard walk away I saw that the air pollution was reading over 700 for the US Embassy and was even off the charts for the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Dorjee Cairang

Nearly a half a century ago in Vietnam, a photograph taken on a Saigon street shocked people around the world. At the center of the photo was a Vietnamese Buddhist monk sitting uptight in a lotus position; his entire body was engulfed by flames. This image reportedly prompted then President John F. Kennedy to reconsider his Vietnam policy.

Chris Eberhardt (汪哲伟)

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World Policy Journal

by Ananya Vajpeyi

From the Ruins of Empire: The Intellectuals who Remade Asia
by Pankaj Mishra (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012)