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by Taylor Hom

Anthony Brent

Think you can design a U.S. dollar bill better than our forefathers? Well the Dollar Redesign Project wants to see what you can do. 

On their site designers can submit their concepts and fans can cast ballots for the best designs. MLK on a 20? Amelia Earhart on a 10? These examples above prove that it is possible to reimagine how we brand our currency.

Anthony Brent

Really cool packaging and design concepts for a fragrance line coming out of Poland. All the scents are named and inspired after famous writers. Now as for a the smell... that's only something folks out in Poland can attest to.

Props to Lovely Package

Anthony Brent

Despite the lecture hall’s bandbox environment, and the heatstroke humidity that suffocated me for nearly all of the 90 minutes, World Science Festival's Modern McGyvers presentation at the Museum of Arts and Design was an interesting introspection into what creativity, modest translation, and fundamental good will can achieve in the developing world. Below is a quick rundown of each of the innovations highlighted from this talk as well as the story behind them.


Anthony Brent

This picture above is of the zero currency rupees designed by a anti-corruption organization in India called 5th pillar. The group has invented the rupees in hopes that they will be passed on to wrong doers as a sort of tangible scarlett letter against those searching for a bribe or operating under fraudlent pretences.  

"The zero currency note in your country's currency is a tool to help you achive the goal of zero corruption. The note is a way for any human being to say NO to corruption without the fear of facing an encounter with persons in authority.