Anthony Brent

How much would you pay for KFC?

Now how about if you were living in Gaza?

Fares Akram's piece in the NY Times breaks down one trafficker's modus operandi in obtaining one of America's iconic fast foods:

The French fries arrive soggy, the chicken having long since lost its crunch. A 12-piece bucket goes for about $27 here — more than twice the $11.50 it costs just across the border in Egypt.

Dorjee Cairang

Every morning after one hour commute in Beijing, I come to Zhong Guancun, a place the Chinese call China’s Silicon Valley. Some Internet companies and countless computer products stores are located here. The streets in morning rush hour are packed with cars, buses and people going to work.

Anthony Brent

This mini-doc above put together by GAIN (Global Alliance for Food Nutrition), before the Arab Spring, highlights the importance of the bread dynamic in Egypt. 

Shaun Randol

While the PEN Freedom to Write panel was motivating, the ladies headlining the Food, Metaphor, & Memory panel were stimulating for another reason. There’s nothing like a food discussion to rouse various senses, both physical and emotional.

Anthony Brent

When I look back at the World Science Festival and its "Food 2.0" presentation Friday night at Baruch College, I don’t necessarily view it as an experience that provided the audience with any more fireworks than the usual. Yet, if anything, it did reinforce for me how much we take for granted, especially in the developed world, when it comes to our access and availability of food.

Anthony Brent