Rutvi Ajmera

Giulia Pines
Ariell Cacciola

Blood Brothers
by Ernst Haffner
Translated from the German by Michael Hofmann
Other Press (2015), 165 pages


Ariell Cacciola

World Literature Editor Ariell Cacciola speaks with German playwright Juliane Stadelmann,1 whose new play “Noch ein Lied vom Tod” is being staged at Schauspielhaus Wien in Austria.

Laura Scheriau

Five people (inlcuding me) from around the world describe the Christmas and New Year traditions where they live: Azerbaijan, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I hope you enjoy this international account of holiday traditions, and Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Laura, from Germany

Ariell Cacciola

One of Germany's most puzzling (and grisly) crimes remains unsolved almost 100 years after it was committed. A family of five plus their live-in maid are hacked to death at a rural farm; the killer is never found. The heinous act is the focus of Andrea Mara Schenkel's most recent book, The Murder Farm. Ariell Cacciola had a chance to discuss the unnerving novel with Schenkel and what unexpected fame has brought the author. 

Chris Eberhardt (汪哲伟)

TACOMA - Last week I toured the new Bullitt Center that opened this year in Seattle, billed as the greenest commercial building in the world, one of twenty buildings in the world right now that seeks Living Building certification set down by the International Living Building Institute (

World Policy Journal

by Glenn Petersen

Corinne Goldenberg

World Policy Journal

by Belinda Cooper. Originally published by our partner site, World Policy Blog.