Chris Eberhardt (汪哲伟)

BEIJING - I woke up at 6am this morning to discover that my main Gmail account was sending out emails to all of my contacts. I quickly tried to change the password, and discovered that I couldn’t because Gmail takes you first to a domain, and all “plus” sites in China are blocked.

Jake Perry


I was just thinking that it’s been too long since we last spoke. Like, really spoke. And now that I’m about to turn 14—yeah, I know! Fourteen!—I figured it would be super adult of me to clear up a few things.

J. K. Fowler

New York: The Frederick P. Rose Auditorium at Cooper Union, a twisted lecture hall of aluminum and mesh wire, seemed a most-fitting setting for Monday night's event entitled, "Breaking Through Internet Censorship." Scheduled on the, "World Day Against Cyber Censorship" (Reporters Without Borders), this chilling event explored the citizenry of surfing the world wide web...and being watched, censored, and hunted in the process. 

Ahmet Sibdial SauShaun Randol

During the three month occupation of Zuccotti Park by Occupy Wall Street protesters last year, cameras were everywhere. News agencies, police, and demonstrators trained their cameras (high end and low tech) on each other for around the clock surveillance. And all of this streamed live on the Internet. In this collaborative essay, Shaun Randol discusses this all-seeing phenomenon side-by-side Ahmet Sibdial Sau's photographs of the occupation.

Jake Perry

Jake Perry

Numbers is hardly real and they never have feelings

but you push too hard, even numbers got limits.

–Mos Def, Mathematics

Jake Perry

Jake Perry

This summer has been bookended by two fairly significant events that have put the concept of virtual money squarely back on the table. The first was the hacking of a Bitcoin (an “experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone”) account in June, and now the soft launch of Google Wallet, Google’s new Android app that turns a phone into a wallet.

Shaun Randol

Though media and public interest in the organization has waned recently, WikiLeaks continues to publish a torrent of diplomatic and other sensitive material. In this essay, Shaun Randol argues that, from top to bottom, the anti-secrecy organization has permanently altered how international affairs are conducted: emboldened citizens worldwide can now act in arenas normally reserved for a powerful, elite few.

Jake Perry

A new war has emerged on the Internet. Its battleground is our increasingly precious and oft-used social network platforms. And the weapon used on either side is your identity. Welcome to the Nym Wars.