Flynn Heegyun Yang

Relative of a Sewol Ferry victim (Photo: AP)

(아래, 한국어로 읽으시오)

Shaun Randol

I am fascinated by the intersection where war and the novel collide, which is why I found myself, for lack of a better word, positively giddy at the prospect of attending yet another back-to-back discussion on the topic.

Ed Hancox

Is the future of international relations being written in the waters off the coast of Somalia?

Shaun Randol

With reminders of the horrors of war (what is it good for, really?) tucked away in all corners of our small world, it’s a wonder we can find time to laugh and persevere. The Guest is an important work; that it has been translated into English now makes it a more influential piece. War is universally a hellish experience. The more reminders we have of its debasing influence, the more, hopefully, we will be swayed to avoid its downward spiral.