Corrie Hulse

What follows is the introduction to When We Let People Die: The Failure of the Responsibility to Protect, published by The Mantle in 2018. This collection of essays, by The Mantle's managing editor Corrie Hulse, examines the shortcomings in the implementation of the doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect, and what might be done to remedy international complacence in the face of mass atrocities. 


Corrie Hulse

From surveillance tool to weapon of war, drones have quickly captured the attention of the world. Most notably used by the U.S. military in Pakistan as a part of the “War on Terror”, many have come to only see the violent side of this technology. In some circles, the word drone has become synonymous with civilian casualties. With the number of civilian deaths, it is hard to argue against this view.

Amanda Dugan

Rather than act as a deterrent to musical protest, the imprisonment of members of Pussy Riot serves as inspiration for other musicians, especially women, to speak truth to power. Pussy Riot is not the first to tread this gender-musical path, though. Amanda Dugan reports on the successes of Drupatee Ramgoonai in Trinidad and Tobago and Odile “Kiki” Katese in Rwanda, female musicians who are turning music and cultures upside down.

Emily Cody
Emily Cody

Invocation of the “Ceased Circumstances Cessation Clause”: Is Rwanda Fundamentally Altered Enough?

Ed Hancox

While the focus of this blog is meant to be international affairs, occasionally domestic events in America prompt a change of topic; the shootings in Arizona this weekend qualifies as one of those events.  By now you've heard about the work of gunman Jared Loughner, which left Congresswoman  Gabrielle Giffords gravely wounded, killed six others – including a nine-year old child – and wounded 12 others.  Once the immediacy of the shooting faded, talk inevitably turned to the why of the event.  The theory being pushed by many conservative, right-wing pundits

Erika Klein

Sixteen years after the campaign of mass genocide in Rwanda, the aftermath of this grave tragedy is still ongoing. On Tuesday March 2, the widow of assassinated President Juvenal Habyarimana was arrested by French Police on an international arrest warrant issued from Rwanda. This came only a week after French President Nicolas Sarkozy was visiting Rwanda on a diplomatic mission to mend fences with President Kagame, who has been previously accused to have been involved in the genocide, although he has vehemently and continuously denied this claim.

Grace Kim

What role does literature play in the healing process? A necessary one argues reviewer Grace Kim. In 1998 Boubacar Boris Diop was one of ten African writers to participate in the Rwanda: écrire par devoir de mémoire project (Rwanda: To Write Against Oblivion). The result, Murambi, The Book of Bones, is a haunting literary tribute that seeks to honor the 800,000 genocide victims and to ensure that we must never forget the inhumanity that beset the African country for 100 bloody days.

Shaun Randol

Last night at the venerable 92Y, Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass took a few questions from a smiley, curious, leggy Katie Couric. Haass has a new book out, War of Necessity, War of Choice, and The MANTLE would love a good progressive critique of it--so get crackin'!