Nina Milhaud

Last month, during her first address to the Human Rights Council, Michelle Bachelet, the new leader of the United Nations council, called on China to allow in monitors after deeply disturbing allegations of large re-education camps where Uighurs would be detained in China’s western Xinjiang province.

Yaman Al Qadri

Corrie Hulse

(Photo: AP / Ron Edmonds)

I was clear throughout this campaign, and have been clear throughout this transition, that under my administration the United States does not torture. We will abide by the Geneva Conventions. That we will uphold our highest values and is important for us to do that not only because that’s who we are, but ultimately will make us safer.   - Barack Obama, January 9, 2009


Yvette Granata

The Mantle

In the Fourteenth Century, the Roman Catholic theologian Nicholas Eymerich published Directorium Inquisitorum, a text that described many anti-religious and forbidden practices, like witchcraft, sorcery, and fortune telling.

David Frakt

Author’s Note: I prepared these remarks for the “Going on the Record: Resistance and Writing” panel discussion at the PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature, but the format of the panel was changed, so I didn’t end up delivering them. The Mantle has kindly offered to publish my remarks as an essay. 

J. K. Fowler

Saturday, May 04, 2013, 7:00pm
The Public Theater 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003

David Frakt

After presenting evidence that Mohammed Jawad had been abused by the U.S. while detained for six years at Guantanamo Bay, David Frakt argued that the abuse should result in dismissal of all charges against the young man. In support of this motion, Jawad was the first detainee to describe his torture at Guantanamo under oath in a military commission. In 2009, Jawad was repatriated to Afghanistan. Here Frakt explains how and why justice was served.

Shaun Randol

Eric Anthamatten

Drawing on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas and the story of Cain and Abel, Eric Anthamatten offers an ethical consideration of torture and the hunt for a faceless Osama bin Laden in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.